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In case you missed it or you're wondering.......

*Due to the sovereignty of God, the Order of Service is subject to change!*

This is the disclaimer typed at the top of the Order of Service in the church bulletin. This is a line that is probably only read by visitors of The Stone because anyone who's a member or a regular attendee would know that the printed Order of Service is generally NEVER followed. This Sunday was no different. The Praise Team sang "Lord I'm Amazed By You!" Truly this was the testimony of many in Sunday morning worship service. For the first time in a longgggggggggg time there was an actual testimony time. 👏👏👏 PRAISE GOD

The blessings of truthfulness, deliverance and healing were a resounding cymbal as many members testified about the benefits of having an amazing Lord and Savior like Jesus to reign over them.

In the opening of his sermon Pastor, continuing in the series of Psalm 100 reminded us that God's mercy is EVERLASTING; it has no expiration date. Just like Gods truth, His faithfulness is not going to change, it will last and it will remain the same throughout ETERNITY. (Psalm 100:5 ~ For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting; and His truth endureth to all generations.)

Out of the book of Luke 17:11-19 (Jesus Cleanses the 10 Lepers) with a background scripture of John 14:6-7, we learned the importance of the TRUTH, the WAY and the PATH. "The WAY is a big deal," said Pastor because it is crucial to transforming our lives. We can't get an understanding of the TRUTH until the Lord shows us the WAY. The WAY is about the PATH or direction. In order to understand the TRUTH, we first need to go on a PATH. It's not until we're on that PATH that God can show us the WAY.

Jesus (the WAY) met the ten lepers on a PATH. The ten lepers had to be in a place (on the PATH) outside of the city to encounter Jesus (the TRUTH and the WAY). They had to be on a PATH in order for Jesus to heal them. Sometimes, we have to become an outcast to be healed/delivered. Hmmmmmmm OUCH!!!

Jesus showed the ten lepers the WAY. He said GO! When Jesus said "GO" the lepers started to move. They didn't doubt, hesitate nor did they ask questions. As the lepers started to GO, they began to notice that they were being healed, they were being delivered. They were no longer leprous. It's important to mention that the lepers didn't even ask Jesus to heal them. They said "Jesus, Master, have mercy on us" ~Luke 17:13.

There were ten lepers that Jesus sent to see the priest, to show the priest that they were healed, they were delivered, they were no longer leprous. There were ten that Jesus told to GO! Ohhhhh but there was ONE. ☝ONE that turned around and went back. ONE ☝that went in reverse once he recognized he wasn't like he was when he first encountered the WAY. Pastor said if God doesn't redirect you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally you aren't on the PATH 😳. You don't know the TRUTH nor the WAY that Jesus has for you. It is God's desire to change our PATH. The reason we can't worship God on the PATH is because we haven't worshipped Him on the WAY. OUCHHHHHH

The one that came back, approached Jesus with a loud 📢voice and he glorified and gave Jesus praise and thanks. This one went the WAY he was told to GO and he discovered that Jesus the one who told him the WAY to GO had given him the TRUTH. Surely he had a reason to praise and worship God, not just for his healing, not just for his deliverance but because he now knew the WAY.

In closing, Pastor posed a question for us to ponder or to answer and now I pose that same question to you........ "Am I one of the nine, or am I the one? Hmmmmmmmmmmm


Last Sunday (3/9/14) Pastor preached from John 8:1-11 and Romans 1:28-2:12 (The woman caught in adultery) after no one would cast the first or any stone upon the woman, after they all left while Jesus stooped and wrote in the sand; Jesus stood and told the woman to GO and sin no more. The woman's accusers put her on the PATH to Jesus. Once she got to Jesus, He showed her the WAY to TRUTH. If the Professor says it more than once it's going to be in the exam. When Jesus says "GO" it could be a matter of life or death, healing or deliverance. "GO" means "GO" no doubting, no pouting, no asking, or hesitating ALL MOVEMENT🏃🏃🏃🏃.......GO!!!!

Think on these things ~ Oteka Simone 💜


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